Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Upstairs Kitchen Floor Job

The old house is three levels and the first half of the first level is in pretty good shape.  It is missing insulation though.  Rather than gut it or blow it in I am working the insulation into the joist cavities from the second level then redoing the flooring.  I got the wife to team up with me and she laid all the tiles on the floor.  I mixed mud and did all the cutting of the tiles and running up and down the steps and my legs feel it.  Her poor little knees hurt, lol.  The photos show how the job went.

Tile Laid waiting for grout!

Tiled floor with grout added!


Pamma said...

Fabulous! I know that is labor intensive and thank goodness now you are done. Rest awhile~

Anonymous said...

Looks good Jason. We want you to come out soon for some drywall work. Hope all is well with the family

Modular Kitchen Cabinets said...

Oh my, this looks fabulous buddy! Thank you for sharing the recipe ~ great photos (as always!) & Blessings xoxo

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