Friday, April 2, 2010

Articles I've Published

Saving Homeowners Money: How to Do Your Own Home Repairs
The brief how-to article will help a homeowner do some of his own repairs. This should save you money.
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How to Install a Car Amplifier
This is a basic step by step guide to installing an amplifier for your car audio system.
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Illegal Immigration in America
This editorial is an opinion piece talking about illegal immigration.
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Government Assistance: A Good or Bad Idea
When you are asked "How do you feel about government assistance?" What is the first thought that crosses your mind? I think the assistance programs are great in principle, but I am weary what they teach us in humanity.
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Republican or Democrat
Just some feelings about the upcoming election and the true state of this nation.
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Removing that Old Car Stereo
This article will describe in detail how to remove your car stereo system. The first step is to inspect your system and find out how many components are included with the stereo system.
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