Friday, January 11, 2013

Dining Room Demolition Turned into Bedroom

Day One
Seeings how the kitchen to bath demolition is complete I began demolition on the dining room.  The photo's show the current progress of this process.  My dumpster will be emptied today and tomorrow I will finish the demolition.  Stay tuned. 

Day Two
The pictures show the finished demolition process on the dining room.  I have some different possibilities with the layout of this room.  In time I will show the finished results.
I finally have gotten back to the downstairs of this old  home.  I have been converting this old dining room into a new master bedroom.  Realizing what is a master bedroom without a walk in closet I had to knock an opening into the house and properly support with a header.  The photos show many aspects of this post.  I have the drywall finished along with the door and window trimmed out.  Before doing the baseboards I had to address the flooring and I begun sanding the one hundred year old floor to add character to the room.  The ceiling is finished painted and the electrical is complete with ceiling fan installation and outlets.

The following photos illustrate all the hard work I put into these floors.  I sanded them using a dewalt orbital sander.  These floors are 125 years old and I am just happy to get them restored and able to still be used.  

Some more photos of the room as the finishing touches are applied.  These photos illustrate the trim work and the painted finish.  I also installed a flat screen television.

Just a few more photos of the completed project with furnishings.


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