Saturday, August 6, 2011

Giving myself a new kitchen for my birthday

Guest post written by Rachel Gordon

When I told my husband that the gift that I wanted for my 50th birthday is a new kitchen, he thought that I was joking. It was only a few minutes later when he realized that I wasn't joking at all, so I started looking up ways to where I could get a kitchen makeover without us breaking our retirement fund.

I think that we need some new equipment and appliances in the kitchen, but it's also one of my favorite rooms in my home, so I want it to look nicer. After doing a bit of research online, I settled on using for the makeover and we're getting ready to start on it next week.

One easy improvement to the kitchen decor that they're going to take care of is getting our cabinets refaced. Besides, that is the main thing that you notice in a kitchen first, so that's a really great place to start. In the meantime I'll start picking out fabric for to hang above my new kitchen sink.


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