Thursday, August 26, 2010

Large Drywall Basement Job

Have you ever looked at a job and thought to yourself this job won't be so bad?  I totally under estimated the length of time and how difficult this basement would be to hang.  The hanging of the drywall basically isn't that difficult but when you factor in how cut up and truly out of square this basement was you will begin to understand where I am coming from.  None the less I pushed through and have the job all hung out.  The pictures show my current progress and I will be updating regularly as I complete more steps.  Stay tuned!!!!

Next Step
Today I taped the job and put on the corner beads.  One of the photo's illustrate how the corners look mitered together.  The photo's illustrate the current days progress.

Today I coated all the corner bead on the job.  The following photo's show my current progress.
Following Day progress.  Today I coated all the joints using an automatic flat box.  It is a tool used for drywall finishing and belongs to the set of automatic tools.  One of the pictures shows the flat box and another picture shows what the joints look like using the tool.  Stay tuned more photo's to come.
Today' Progress
Today I began skimming the job using the automatic tools.  The pictures illustrate the angle box with angle head and the 12" flat skimming box.  The job should be wrapped up by Thursday.


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