Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Job for Spring

The pictures are the beginning stages of this room addition.  The homeowner is turning this room into a personal office located in the basement of their home.  My responsibilities on this job are the installation of the electrical outlets, and track lighting.  I also had to straighten out the framing before hanging the drywall.  I am also responsible for hanging and finishing the drywall, and installing the heat duct located above the room.  I will update pictures as the job progresses.
Day two of the office addition.  Today I unhooked all the electrical and finished hanging the drywall and addressed the patch at the bottom of the steps.  I then taped and applied the first coat of compound.  The following pictures illustrate today's achievements.

The job is now skimmed and ready for sanding, but prior to sanding the ceiling must be textured. The homeowner requests that I match their current texture in the home which is a normal texture brush. The pictures illustrate the patch all skimmed out and the ceiling textured.

The office is complete and is ready for paint. The following pictures show the heat defuser and the track lighting installed. I also installed all the outlets in series with the first one having gfci protection.


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