Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tips Before Having Work Done

Here are just a few tips for anyone looking to have remodel work done on their home.  I've been in many different situations where nothing is covered up and the homeowner doesn't want anything to get ruined.  Even in your own home if you are doing the work, keep these things in mind.

Cover Your Items
If you don't want your hotel collection comforter ruined please ask whoever is working on your home to cover it up or do so before the worker gets there.  My wife is notorious for this when I'm working around the house to make sure certain things are covered up.

Ask If Not Sure
With a lot of home improvements dust is a problem. Sometimes it's hard to cover things like a canopy bed frame for instance.  But unlike other items a bed frame should normally clean up pretty well.  If you are in doubt ask the worker advice on how you should go about protecting that.

The remodel project that I have going on here at home was the filthiest I've ever encountered.  It had an old wood burning stove many years ago and there was an unbelievable amount of black soot coming from the tear down.  Needless to say not much in the path of this dust was identifiable, not even me.

Remove Precious Items
Another thing to keep in mind is of your collectibles or precious pieces like a wire photo holder or crystal lamp.  These can easily and accidentally get knocked down when a project is going on in a room.  It's best to remove these before hand as most people don't want to be held responsible for a broken item or the handling of precious items.


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